Prince Ali signs with RMR!


International pop artist and social activist Prince Ali (born July 4) has been performing globally since 1998. He entered the US market in 2008 with his unique rhythms and vocal range. This twice-platinum composer and singer is driven by a mission to unite the world's diverse religions and races. Over the past few years, his foundation "World Peace for Life" has contributed to providing the basic necessities of food, clothing and education to children in war-ravaged countries, including Afghanistan, Israel, Mexico and Pakistan.

His music, sung in multiple languages, from Farsi to Spanish, is popular in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. His music combines the modern sounds of international pop, hip hop, reggae, house, rap and R&B.

Prince Ali has won several awards, including Afghan Media's Top Recording Artist Award, the New Musical International Award, the International Entertainment Platinum Recognition Award, and The Arabic Awards. Prince Ali has collaborated with such diverse greats as Aerosmith, George Clinton, Al Gerou, Brian McKnight, Cool and the Gang and Howard McCrary. Working closely with Peter Rafelson (writer and producer of hit songs for many legends including Madonna, Britney Spears and most recently the Glee Sound Track), Prince Ali is destined to become a house hold name.

Prince Ali has released five CD's, two of them gone twice platinum, a DVD, and has produced 19 international music videos. Prince Ali is currently collaborating with with world-famous artists for his next release. For the latest projects, visit his webpage:

Prince Ali

Who is Prince Ali?

Prince Ali is the premiere international artist reknown for great succes in Asia and the Middle East, working in America to forge the global mission of world peace. Working with humanitarin and and socio-plotical administrations and many other platforms of pure compassion, Prince Ali uses his beautiful music to promote the message of love and world peace.

Prince Ali has signed with RM Records to release his new music globally.

Prince Ali is collaborating with many well know artists, including:


Brian McKnight

Kool and the Gang

Zebulon Raphael

Message from RM Records:


RM Records is proud to welcome Prince Ali to our label. He is joining a select group of special artists. RM Records will be announcing the forthcoming Amreican debut release from prince Ali, first quater of 2011.